billie is a disabled writer, activist and filmmaker. years of chronic illness and a rare tumor condition have given hir an amazing sense of groundedness, connection and self-advocacy that fuel hir passion to share truth, in all its pain and glory.

my latest doll. a winter fishing polar bear.


my film, DEAF BROWN GURL is finally here! After one year in the making, it’s here for public viewing. ENGLISH & SPANISH subtitles are available for your watching. My film shows the diversity of Indian society (in Patna) and I wanted to show a variety of Indian groups (Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists), including Deaf Indians (and myself as a Deaf Indian).

"Deaf Brown Gurl" ("La Morena Sorda") a film written, directed, shot, performed, and edited by Sabina England.

-Voice Over & Sound Design by Micropixie.
-Music by Om/Off (Paco Seren and Pablo Alvarez)
-V.O Recording by Elliott Peltzman.

Filmed in India (Old Delhi, India and Patna, Bihar, India)

Sabina England (Website) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Micropixie (Website) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Om/Off (from Spain/desde España) (Website) (Facebook) (Twitter)

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Alexandra Khitrova:Fantasy Illustrations

(Alexandra Khitrova) on deviantART, on Behance,

Designer Alexandra Khitrova Discovers a New Career through Her Stunning Fantasy Concept Artby Christopher Jobson on May 17, 2014. The reaction online and off was swift, and Khitrova soon found herself working on increasingly complex drawings as she suddenly began to get commissions. Now, only a year later, she is already working with a team of writers and artists on a feature film.

I’ve got southern sweet teeth. they’re holy.

I believe in the big picture & I believe in the specifics. every moment of our lives is sacred, can manifest liberation and revolution. we’re fighting for our lives and hearts and souls. we will save ourselves.


"across cultures, darker people suffer most. why?"
Andre 3000 at Lollapalooza, August 2, 2014


"across cultures, darker people suffer most. why?"

Andre 3000 at Lollapalooza,
August 2, 2014

What if Hamas and Islamic Jihad dug tunnels beneath the entirety of the Gaza Strip—they clearly did not, but let us assume they did for the sake of argument. According to Israel’s logic, all of Gaza’s 1.8 million Palestinians are therefore human shields for being born Palestinian in Gaza. The solution is to destroy the 360-kilometer square strip of land and to expect a watching world to accept this catastrophic loss as incidental. This is possible only by framing and accepting the dehumanization of Palestinian life. Despite the absurdity of this proposal, it is precisely what Israeli society is urging its military leadership to do. Israel cannot bomb Palestinians into submission, and it certainly cannot bomb them into peace.


Bruise Violet by Babes In Toyland LIVE at Reading Festival

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‎later that night
i held an atlas in my lap
ran my fingers across the whole world
and whispered
where does it hurt?

it answered

—Warsan Shire (via ethiopienne)

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“Monstrous Days” New Painting Series by Jason Limon

Since January, Texas based artist Jason Limon has been hard at work on a new character driven narrative, “Monstrous Days”.  When we last caught up with him, it was before his 2013 solo “Foretell”, focused on strange, hybrid characters in nightmarish imagery.  His work always has a cinematic quality like an apocalyptic 1950s monster film that was never made.  Classic movie monsters are traditionally an antagonistic force to be reckoned with who demand empathy from the viewer.  Limon mixes these references with the inspiration he finds in equally perplexing nature.  The result is child-like monsters who are follies of mankind’s pollution and ignorance. Through humor, Limon is exploring themes of life, death, and the unknown.

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these are the rules for my birthday vacation. I love rules!

these are the rules for my birthday vacation. I love rules!

I love my bobby kitty so so so much

I love my bobby kitty so so so much


"Because you deserve the peace that will come after this battle is won, and it will be won, but only minute by minute .. we must learn to let go of the unconquerable,

Because we can all come together in later years to laugh in their faces; because we will be able to show them that even though they had all the power and strength and ruthless cunning, even though we were only helpless, innocent, dependent children, we will have beaten them at the game they so smugly thought they had mastered”

reasons not to kill yourself, for ritual abuse survivors.

my people. my precious people who I love and who I want so badly to survive and live and to never be laughed at again.